Life update

So I’ve been a little MIA lately on the blog front. To be honest I didn’t have much to share as life sometimes goes. I’ve also missed painting for the past month due to lack of inspiration and also my body hates me. I suffered some pulled muscles in my back several weeks ago which has left me bedridden and hobbling around my apartment. Given the injury, it has given me time to reflect and inspiration came in a different form.

I thought about the great artist Frida Kahlo. She survived a terrible car crash while young and had to recuperate in bed for several months. Her parents provided her a special easel that she could use in bed. This gesture led to the creation of a master painter.

By no means am I comparing myself to Frida Kahlo but I figured if she could paint while in a full body cast then I can create some art too! Now painting was out of the question, so I instead focused on my drawings. I basically lay down on my couch surrounded by pillows and have my materials strewn around or even on me. It sure is a sight.

I figured if I’m forced to stay immobile, I might as well be productive. Imagine an artist not being able to do art. It basically would be like a caged animal pacing around.

Mama Han at the Japanese Tea Garden

I became inspired by my family and took old photographs and gave them new life in art marker form. I proceeded to create a series of family inspired drawings. I wanted to convey the innocence and familial love shown in the photos themselves. One of my favorites is a drawing of my mother kneeling by a koi pond at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco. You don’t necessarily see her face but you can tell that she was enjoying herself.

This transition into art marker drawings has given me a different perspective. I strictly thought that I would be a painter but as I keep on getting more interest in my drawings, it opens up a new market for me. I don’t usually see anyone using this medium so I hope that I can get some of them in art galleries soon!

So that has been my life at the moment. I think the moral of the story is to never let anything stop you from doing what you love.