LA Adventure part 3 - everything else

We rented out an Airbnb for the first time. The beauty of doing so was that we felt like we were in a home rather than one of many guests in a crowded hotel. We chose to stay in the beautiful and idyllic Silver Lake neighborhood which consisted of charming homes, great restaurants and stores and of course art! After spending most of the week visiting other neighborhoods and trying to make it in time for various reservations, we spent our last day in LA taking it easy. My husband got to finally sleep in that day which was a huge win. 

We had lunch at a local place called Masa of Echo Park, popular for their Chicago deep dish style pizzas. The inside was so charming with vintage pieces of furniture, found items and eclectic artwork. The food was good too. After lunch we walked along Sunset Boulevard where there were some shops I was interested in perusing. 

Random surprise painting within a corner of books.

I'm a sucker for any local bookstore. Stories was a used bookstore and cafe. They also had a bar in the back of the store and an outdoor patio where people could hang out. Art prints were framed and hung from the walls while around various corners you would be surprised with a painting or a drawing. 

Next to the bookstore were some quirky stores such as the Time Travel Mart which describes itself as a convenience store for time travelers. I suggest you just check it out. 

Another great spot we visited was a small and unassuming local art gallery called iam8bit. The gallery paid homage to my favorite, geek culture. I discovered an artist that was showing her work at the gallery, Nan Lawson who creates beautiful illustrations of pop culture icons and TV and movie characters. I would definitely check her out if I were you!

The surrounding neighborhoods were no strangers to beautiful murals and art pieces. I couldn't help but get excited and take photos of these artistic expressions. So that was our LA adventure! I've included more pictures in the gallery below. Enjoy!